Recipe Teacher

Jason Norris, Founder and CEO

Chicago, IL
Recipe Teacher Recipe Teacher
Jason shares his story crafting Recipe Teacher from a personal passion into his full time business.

For more than 20 years, Jason Norris worked full-time as a graphic designer in healthcare, but always found spare time for his passion: cooking. In 2011, after a medical issue required him to seek out a healthier lifestyle, Jason purchased an indoor grill to kickstart his healthy eating. "I started looking for easy recipes online but had a really difficult time finding anything with clear, straightforward instructions," he recalls "So I decided to begin developing my own recipes and posting them on a website." This led to the creation of Recipe Teacher hit its stride in 2018, when pressure cookers gained popularity in kitchens across the world. Jason learned the machine’s ins and outs and churned out quick, simple recipes to help people create delicious meals with their new gadget. As his website started gaining attention, he was able to capitalize on the growth by earning ad revenue with Google AdSense. "I was seeing numbers every day that I couldn’t believe," he says "With the few hundred dollars coming in each month, I could pay for my car and a couple of bills. This was astonishing to me."

Since then, Jason has continued to develop recipes, and even hired a local professional chef and a few freelancers to collaborate on recipe development and growth strategies for his website. Though navigating the pandemic has been a challenge, Jason says, "the last year and a half has been professionally and personally the most rewarding time of my life. I’m excited to continue building up my team, growing Recipe Teacher, and making cooking approachable for everyone."

About the Publisher

Jason Norris is the founder of, a cooking website to help people make delicious, homemade recipes.
Jason Norris