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Tibor Gaddum, CEO

Hamburg, Germany
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Oliver and Tibor in a meeting.
Building an ad sales business

After leaving jobs in ad tech and the media industry, Oliver Lesson and Tibor Gaddum set out on their own path to found Quarter Media. The two specialize in ad monetization and services for publishers and built their business catering to a variety of publisher needs. "We started with four business services in digital marketing," says Tibor who now serves as CEO of Quarter Media. "We focused on ad sales, ad management, digital rich media services, and newsletter marketing. But today we mostly focus on ad sales."

The team is focused on funding media businesses and providing them the ad revenue they need to thrive. "I've always thought advertising is a very important element of financing media," Tibor says. "And in Germany where we're based, it's a basic right in our constitution (Article 11) to get access to information at a reasonable cost. When I think about what we do and what advertising does, it's enabling people to get free access to information."

Quarter Media now works with over 80 publishers mostly in Germany and has grown their business from a few thousand dollars in ad revenue to a double-digit Million USD/EUR a year. "We work with over 80 publishers and have a really broad audience," Tibor highlights. "Collectively the sites we support today reach about 40 million people in Germany." For Tibor, meeting that audience with the right message at the right time is key to enabling good user experience and return for publishers and advertisers. "Relevance in advertising is both beneficial for the advertiser and the user. If I'm getting ads that aren't relevant to me it's boring and I'm annoyed," Tibor explains. "And it's a waste for the advertiser because I have no interest at all in their product."

“I'm convinced that Google Ad Manager is among the best ad server systems for publishers.”
Helping publishers build thriving businesses with ad revenue

With their services, Quarter Media has been able to take work off of publishers' plates, enabling them to further invest and enrich their content and grow their audience. "We use Google Ad Manager as our core technology to generate ad revenue for publishers so that publishers can concentrate on creating great content, reach more people, and don't have to deal with everything that has to do with advertising," says Tibor. The partnership with Google helps all their publishers' bottom lines. "Google Ad Manager makes up over 50% of our revenue and with Google we are able to consistently generate the highest possible CPMs in the market. I'm convinced that Google Ad Manager is among the best ad server systems for publishers," Tibor highlights.

As the business has grown, Tibor and his team are proud of what they built. "We're now 17 employees," he says. "And last year we were acquired by a large publishing house in Germany, enabling us to work with larger and larger publishers." Even with the growth and changes the team is still focused on supporting the information economy. "Advertising is necessary to keep content and information affordable and free for everyone," says Tibor. "It's important to us to be able to support the work of content providers so that our basic right of freedom of information is secured."

About the Publisher

Tibor Gaddum is the Managing Director & Founder of QUARTER MEDIA an internet advertising & marketing corporation based in Germany with international clients in Europe & USA. Since 2021 QUARTER MEDIA has been a subsidiary of Olympia Verlag. Olympia Verlag is the publisher of Germany's largest sport site & app "Kicker". QUARTER MEDIA reaches 40+ million unique users and delivers 100 Billion Ad Impressions per year.
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