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Mateusz Mucha, CEO

Kraków, Poland
The Omni Calculator interface. Mateusz showing off the product.
Better data, better decisions

Who hasn’t struggled to make a decision? Whether it’s a simple decision like choosing an outfit to a major decision like choosing a career, arriving at the correct answer can be tricky — but is always easier when we’re armed with useful information.

That’s the theory behind Omni Calculator, a website that enables users to generate quick, accurate solutions — from advanced trigonometry to figuring out how long it takes to boil an egg.

“Irrational decisions are usually the result of a lack of data,” says Omni Calculator’s founder, Mateusz Mucha. “Our site provides a means to close the gap that separates people from informed decisions. Our users get reliable information, making the calculations fast and easy.”

Mateusz started Omni Calculator as a hobby user interface experiment in 2011, with a unique twist: the user could use the site to calculate in any direction, without a fixed input or output. Then Mateusz went through a startup accelerator in Berlin and started building a business around the technology he’d developed.

The website was formally released in 2016 and has seen exponential growth since, jumping from 20,000 monthly visits in the beginning to over 18 million monthly visits today.

The Omni Calculator team.
Keeping calculators accessible

From the beginning, Omni Calculator has been supported predominantly with ads. Mateusz and his team used AdSense to serve ads to the user in an efficient, unobtrusive way. This ensured the user experience remained enjoyable, so that traffic continued to grow — and ad revenue could grow alongside it.

“Our mission is to be as inclusive as possible - we want to help all people, regardless of where they live, what language they speak or how much they can afford. Ads make it possible for us to make this service free,” says Mateusz. Translations into various languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more, are currently in progress for our calculators, making them accessible globally. Mateusz aims to keep the service inclusive and readily available, with no intention of placing it behind a paywall.

“We have a very broad user base: sales people, doctors, students, teachers, engineers,” says Mateusz. “Having a paid product would most likely mean having to cater to a limited audience. With ads, it’s possible for us to reach many people, which is how we had 200 million visits in 2023.”

Mateusz also appreciates that ads are inexpensive, easy to implement, and follow predictable patterns. He doesn’t need to hire a sales team or customer service to keep an eye on how things are going.

“We really want to focus on the product above all,” says Mateusz. “Earning money through ads is really easy, so we can focus on building the best possible product for our users.”

As Omni Calculator grew, they partnered with Playwire Media and Google Ad Manager to continue bringing a high-quality ad experience to their properties. “We’re excited to continue working with Google Ad Manager to grow our business,” says Mateusz.

“Having a paid product would most likely mean having to cater to a limited audience. With ads, it’s possible for us to reach many people, which is how we had 200 million visits in 2023.”
A calculator for any context

Omni Calculator has used their steady ad revenue to hire an international team of 70 employees, which includes top-class specialists, academics with advanced degrees, and polymaths who are well-versed in a variety of fields. Bound by a shared vision, this team helps Mateusz create calculators for even the most surprising topics.

Their range of calculators caters to various needs. For instance, the Sales Tax Calculator is favored by professionals and business owners for pricing and taxation, while advertisers and publishers heavily depend on the CPM tool for effective ad revenue calculations. The Calorie Deficit Calculator assists individuals in weight loss journeys, providing personalized estimates, and users find financial planning clarity with the APY calculator, aiding in calculating interest earned on investments over a year. Additionally, the Discount Calculator is popular among budget-conscious shoppers for its simplicity and versatility, providing both time-saving convenience and financial insights.

But it's not just about the practicality. One calculator on the site uses the predator-prey model to play around with parameters and figure out how long it would take for vampires to overtake the human population. (Of course, this is a calculator that will hopefully have no real-life use cases in the future.)

Another more practical example is Omni Calculator’s Chilled Drink Calculator, which was featured in Forbes. This calculator is an easy-to-use version of Newton's law of cooling calculator that works out the time a beverage must sit in the fridge (or another cool place) to reach its optimal drinking temperature.

While the high traffic volume and steady ad revenue feels great, the best moments involve personalized feedback from satisfied users. For example, one user with diabetes wrote to Mateusz that the site’s Warsaw Method Calculator has been a “lifesaver” for them, helping them calculate insulin dosages 5 to 7 times a day.

“We love that we get to make a difference while working on interesting things every day,” says Mateusz. “Helping out as many folks as we can is what drives us, and it's awesome to hear from users how we've made their lives a bit easier.”

“We also love how we introduce order into an otherwise chaotic world,” says Mateusz. “Reality is complicated and messy. By reducing it to math formulas and packaging them into easy-to-use calculators, we allow millions of people to get a better grasp on the world around them.”

About the Publisher

A self-starter with an (un)healthy passion for numbers, he created his first website when he was a teen. Always eager to learn more, he now utilizes his 25+years of experience in building digital products by leading Omni Calculator, equally comfortable with devising the company strategy and discussing the nitty gritty of the product's new features. You can often find him engrossed by his cycling stats on Strava or picking the winning tactics for his favorite board games.
Mateusz headshot.