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NASCAR believes that all fans deserve to experience the thrill of the race, no matter where they are. That’s why they’ve been investing in digital technologies that bring enthusiasts everywhere even closer to the racetrack. Through NASCAR’s free, engaging online experiences, those at home can now feel the communal adrenaline rush of being a live attendee.

Founded by Bill France Sr and formally incorporated in 1948, NASCAR was created to address the booming interest of stock car racing following WWII. In order for the national pastime to truly scale up, it required a higher level of organization and standardization. Today, NASCAR hosts events across the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, with more than 1,000 races annually.

Rethinking the digital experience

NASCAR offers a mix of live experiences on and on their mobile app that appeal to newcomers as well as long-time, avid fans. First-time visitors can familiarize themselves with the sport through the website’s NASCAR 101 section, or follow along a race via the organization’s social handle. Those seeking to get even closer to the experience can go along for the high-speed ride, thanks to live, in-car video.

“NASCAR pushes innovation on the track and off it, with a huge emphasis on the fan experience.”

Five years ago, NASCAR moved ad operations and sales in-house, and thought carefully about how to approach advertising to keep online fans excited and engaged. Ultimately, they decided to partner with Google and leverage solutions from Ad Manager. Programmatic Guaranteed and AdX helped NASCAR weather the traffic fluctuations in seasonality and circumstance that are common in sports, and which make it challenging to accurately predict patterns. "We had to walk before we could run," says Wyatt Hicks, Managing Director of Digital Media at NASCAR. "Monetizing with AdX was the safest way to do that. Plus, Google is a trusted partner in delivering high-quality creatives." By working together, NASCAR could accelerate toward its goal of engaging more fans in the racing experience. But performance isn’t the only thing that contributes to NASCAR’s success. The NASCAR team is proud of their ability to bring the sport to fans everywhere by monetizing with ads.

The organization's digital efforts have significantly enhanced the experience for audiences everywhere. "NASCAR pushes innovation on the track and off it, with a huge emphasis on the fan experience," says Brendan Reiley. "Those values resonate in our daily work, giving the team great pride in providing our fans with one of the most engaging digital platforms in all of sports." Anyone looking to engage deeper with racing content, for example, can dive into insights such as telemetry data that displays auto speeds, or try out the augmented and virtual reality experiences on the site. Following a recent merger with the track group, NASCAR digital now offers users the opportunity to drive on virtual tracks, racing alongside professional drivers who’ve competed in the playoffs. During these virtual drives, sponsors can also make an appearance, integrating their brands with the thrill of the race.

“Our online content is hosted on a 100% ad-supported platform, meaning NASCAR can deliver our content to fans for free.”

And as NASCAR evolves, so does its fan experience. The organization remains committed to offering higher and higher levels of excitement and delight, as fans everywhere seamlessly tap into the unmatched energy of a NASCAR race.

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NASCAR sanctions and produces stock car racing, with drivers, sponsors and passionate fans from all over the world attending events in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe.
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