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Nina and Brian Spears, Co-founders

Houston, TX
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Nina and Brian share their journey building Baby Chick, a resource for mothers across the globe.
Becoming the Baby Chick

Nina Spears knows babies. As a certified baby planner and newborn care specialist, she helps hundreds of families with the challenges and joys of pregnancy and birth. So much so, that people in Houston began calling her "the baby chick." That's how she and her husband, Brian, came to create the website Baby Chick in 2015, with a mission to educate, inspire, and uplift mothers all over. These days you'll find Nina working with her content team to create helpful posts, photos, and video, or interviewing a special guest for her podcast, Chick Chat. Brian works behind the scenes overseeing operations, business development, and managing the team. They use Google Ad Manager to serve ads on their site to support their work and help keep Baby Chick free for readers. With support from CafeMedia, a Google Certified Publishing Partner, they've been able to massively grow their ad revenue and keep content accessible to all mothers. "Ad revenue allows us both to work full time on our company," says Nina. "We're able to help mothers, and that's the whole goal."

“It's really important to me that our information remains free because I don't think that it's fair for women to have to pay to have a good pregnancy, a good birth, a good post-partum and parenthood. They should have that resource available to them. And, ad revenue really helps us keep it free for our readers.”

About the Publisher

After working with hundreds of families as a certified baby planner, doula, educator, and newborn care specialist, Nina acquired the nickname, "The Baby Chick®." You can find Nina working with our content team creating written & video content, directing our content calendar and photoshoots, interviewing a special guest on our podcast Chick Chat: The Baby Chick Podcast, or working with our sales team developing creative campaigns for our partners. She has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the mom and baby industry and loves testing out the latest and greatest products that make life more fun, healthier, safer, and easier for families. Brian was introduced to the mom and baby world by his wife, Nina, before they had children of their own. Now as a dad of two, he knows the value of education during this transformative time and enjoys building a helpful resource for parents. You can find Brian working behind the scenes overseeing operations, website development, business development, sales, and managing the team alongside Nina.
Nina and Brian Spears