YouTube TrueView video ads

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What it does

TrueView video ads give viewers choice and control over which ad they watch and when. You’re charged only when a viewer has chosen to watch your ad, so it's easy to increase or decrease your budget according to what you want your ad to achieve.

Choose the ad format that works best for you: TrueView in-stream, in-slate, in-search and in-display are all available through AdWords for video.

Why you'd use it

With the TrueView ad formats everyone wins: viewers choose ads that are relevant to them, and you reach people who are interested in your message. As your video count goes up, you know you're reaching truly engaged viewers.

You pay only when viewers watch your ad -- not by the ad impression -- and our auction-based system helps you adjust your budget based on performance.

Some advertisers have achieved up to 4% click-through rates with in-stream TrueView ads. For advertisers who are more performance-oriented, we’ve seen some campaigns achieve CPAs that are in line with what you might expect from search advertising.

What it looks like

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