Interest categories

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What it is

Interest categories help you reach target audiences across the Google Display Network, presenting highly relevant messages to users while they surf the Web. Choose from a rich set of interest categories (such as travel, entertainment, sports, or auto enthusiasts) and we’ll show ads to people that we think are interested in those categories.

Our system looks at the types of pages a user visits and how often they visit them, then associates relevant interest categories with that user’s browser. By targeting these categories in your campaigns, you can show ads to the people most likely to purchase your products or services, across all types of sites in the Google Display Network. Users can also update their own interest categories through the Ads Preferences Manager – which helps users by ensuring that they see ads they are most interested in, and helps advertisers reach hand-raisers who are most likely to buy.

Why you'd use it

Increase awareness of your brand and products, and bring traffic to your website
You can advertise every day to hundreds of millions of users interested in over 30 predefined top level interest categories and over 1,600 subcategories. The great thing about ads using interest categories is that they can reach users associated with these categories with relevant ads, even when they're visiting totally unrelated websites. So if a user who has been browsing for a new digital camera takes a break to read a news site or favorite fashion blog, a camera company can still reach that user with ads about digital cameras.

Extend the reach or frequency of existing campaigns that already use keyword, placement, or topic targeting
Let's say you want to reach users interested in buying a car. It usually costs more to advertise on car sales websites than on sites that might be related to other topics, such as food & drinks. With interest categories, you can reach users that are interested in cars even when they're on unrelated pages. So, it means that you can reach a wider audience and generate more clicks and sales while also saving money.

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Interest categories

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