Enhanced CPC

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What it does

Enhanced CPC is an easy to use, automatic bid management feature designed to increase your ROI on your Max CPC campaigns.

Each time your ad is eligible to appear, Enhanced CPC will automatically raise and lower the Max CPC bid that you've set based on the likelihood that your ad will convert. It does this by analyzing your campaign's historical conversion tracking data along with a number of other factors. These include the individual words that make up the user's query; the user's geographic location, web browser, and operating system; and even time of day when the user is performing a search. You can get a full list of the factors that Enhanced CPC considers when predicting your conversion rate, from the AdWords Help Center.

When you use Enhanced CPC, your ad should receive more conversions while maintaining or reducing your overall cost-per-conversion.

Why you'd use it

Enhanced CPC could be described as an ‘‘ROI turbocharge” setting for your existing Max CPC campaigns. Simply check a box and let the AdWords system get to work improving your ROI.

Enhanced CPC is compatible with third party bid management systems and advanced campaign settings.

Where you'll find it

Enhanced CPC

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