Dynamic Display Ads

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What it does

We all see so many advertising messages on multiple screens every day. So if you really want to engage your potential customers, you need to show them the right ad at the right time. Dynamic Display Ads let you create ads that are tailored to your target audience. This happens dynamically as your ads are shown to a specific user on a specific website.

Why you'd use it

  1. Keep ad content relevant and fresh by combining the Display Ad Builder’s content management system with Google Merchant Center’s automated product updates.
  2. Contextualize ads based on page content or on a user. You could show users different products or calls-to-action based on a page’s content, or you could show users different languages and currencies based on their location.
  3. Achieve creative efficiency gains by creating a single display ad that dynamically shows a user the right messages and the right products in the right context.
  4. Continue the conversation with Dynamic Remarketing Ads, which let you customize your ads based on past interactions with a customer, such as viewed items or abandoned shopping carts.
  5. Report on and optimize ad performance by selecting different layouts for your ad content and receiving reports on which ads perform best.