AdWords Campaign Experiments

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What it does

AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) is a tool that allows you to accurately test and measure changes to your keywords, bids, ad groups, ads, placements and more.

Currently, the most common way to measure the impact of these types of changes is to do a simple before-and-after analysis. But this type of analysis can often be complicated by events that occur during or between the before and after, including holidays, weekends or changes to user or advertiser behavior.

With ACE you can test and measure changes in real-time by running your experimental campaign alongside your original campaign. We can then tell you whether your Search and Content campaign changes produce significantly different results.

Why you'd use it

If you use ACE, you'll be able to see how changes to keywords, bids, ad groups and placements affect your campaign performance.

To find out more about AdWords Campaign Experiments, please visit the Help Center for videos and FAQs