Above the fold advertising

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What it does

Above the fold advertising determines whether impressions on the Google Display Network will show ads on-screen when a user's browser window loads.

By excluding the "below the fold" category in your AdWords account, ads in your Google Display Network campaign will only appear when a placement can display your ad when the page loads, without having to scroll.

Why you'd use it

With so many different web browsers, monitor sizes, and screen resolutions, it's hard to predict where an ad will land, since the same placement may appear in different places on each user's screen. Filtering out below the fold impressions gives you much more control over where your ads appear.

Besides giving you more control, our studies suggest that above the fold advertising may help boost your campaign's performance. Please keep in mind that you'll probably need to increase your bids to maintain the same number of impressions when targeting these more premium placements. If you're using display ads to raise awareness of a product or service, above the fold advertising makes the Google Display Network an even more powerful, controlled environment for running high performing brand campaigns.

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Above the fold advertising

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