Google+ Badge

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What it does

Adding the Google+ badge to your site links your site to your Google+ page. The Google+ badge can help you grow your audience on Google+ by making it easy for people to follow your page without ever leaving your site. And it can help you show more recommendations across Google products by unifying your +1 count so that all your +1s -- from your page, your website, ads and search results -- will get tallied together and appear as a single total, potentially bringing you more qualified and engaged traffic.

Why you'd use it

The Google+ badge is one of the best ways to tell your audience about your Google+ page. In fact, some of our top publishers saw a 38% average increase in followers after adding it to their site.

When installed on the same webpage listed on the About section of your +page, the Google+ badge connects your site to your Google+ page, unlocking new features that help you get the most out of Google+. Some benefits include showing more recommendations across Google products by unifying your +1 count, making you eligible for the AdWords Social Extension, and helping us see how users engage with your content as we work to show more relevant results to users.

To enable these features and encourage followers to visit your page, install the Google+ badge on your site. To get the code for the Google+ Badge, visit our configuration tool.

What it looks like

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