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  • The dramatic increase in the number of visitors to the site, the time they now spend on the site and the number of routes downloaded is a clear indication of the benefits we have seen from implementing Google Maps API for Work.

    Why Google

    To build a more flexible, interactive route planning system to improve the visitor experience and cut down on IT costs.


    • Built an interactive, scalable routing service that currently achieves four million downloads a week
    • Gained 12% growth in the number of routes downloaded, increasing the value of the website to visitors and to the business
    • Cut the time and money spent on IT support for the mapping platform
    The Automobile Association image

    The Automobile Association (The AA) is the UK’s largest breakdown organization and has been providing assistance to motorists since 1905.

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  • Google Maps API for Work has an incomparable advantage all of our users already understood how to use it from everyday use in the consumer world.

    Why Google

    To help advertising experts analyze end-customer trends and provide a method for offering tailor-made outdoor advertising solutions.


    • Delivered a visualization tool that analyses information and makes findings available to decision makers rapidly
    Clear Channel Outdoor image

    Clear Channel Outdoor (CCO) is the Swiss subsidiary of one of the world’s leading outdoor advertising companies.

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  • With Google Maps we can devote ourselves fully to expanding our innovative Tracking & Tracing solutions portfolio.

    Why Google

    To integrate up-to-date mapping data with powerful features into the company’s GPS tracking and tracing, mobile security, navigation and location-based services.


    • Saved time and money by implementing Google Maps API for Work
    • Devoted more resources to the development of new and innovative Tracking & Tracing solutions for monitoring and protecting people and objects
    NTM Technologies image

    Based in the Netherlands, NTM Technologies develops innovative solutions for GPS tracking and tracing, mobile security, navigation and location-based services.

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  • Google Earth Pro has become indispensable for us. It is the first tool we turn to in developing residential and commercial solar projects, and it has reinvented the way we do business.

    Why Google

    To develop solar energy projects in a more eco-friendly way, reduce costs, and improve collaboration among customers and other collaborators.


    • Reduced travel and carbon footprint
    • Saved tens of thousands of dollars each month through virtual design and analysis
    • Provided precise, visual models for customers as well as collaborators
    Consolidated Solar Tech image

    Consolidated Solar Tech (CST) offers turnkey services from professional design and engineering to procurement and installation of photovoltaic (PV) solar systems for residential, commercial and utility-scale customers.

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  • Going forward with Google Maps increased personalization and made our products more interactive.

    Why Google

    To replace self-mapping efforts with an easy-to-use third-party mapping solution and provide key data beyond price and location.


    • Provided a robust set of mapping tools for real estate professionals
    • Implemented a simple solution that enables property mapping with only one or two clicks
    eNeighborhoods image

    eNeighborhoods is a leader in providing a comprehensive set of tools that provide up-to-date, localized information about properties, neighborhoods and schools to help real estate professionals attract and retain home buyers and sellers.

  • We compared Google Maps against similar offerings and Google won hands down. Not only did we feel that the actual maps were far more current but because use of Google Maps is already so widespread across the web we felt that our users would be far more familiar with using it.

    Why Google

    To improve user experience through implementing mapping functionality.


    • Enhanced user experience on the site
    • Increased number of registrations
    • Strengthened relationships with core customers
    Rightmove image

    Rightmove is the UK’s largest property portal with more users, more advertisers and more properties than any other UK property website.

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  • The rapid, fluid way in which Google Earth Enterprise generates and visualizes even complex objects and maps is absolutely thrilling.

    Why Google

    To build a geographical information system for documenting and monitoring the SBB- internal GSM-R platform that visualizes the infrastructure data in 3D.


    • 3D visualization of the mobile network infrastructure
    • Improved quality assurance of the technical documentation
    • Improved interdepartmental cooperation and reporting
    SBB Swiss Railways image

    The Swiss railway SBB is the largest travel and transportation enterprise in Switzerland.

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  • Google Maps has changed the way public agencies can do business helping provide better citizen services in cost-effective ways.

    Why Google

    To help reduce, prevent and solve crime by increasing the dialog with citizens regarding crime locations to help citizens become more vigilant regarding unsafe areas.


    • Crime data from participating local law enforcement agencies is fed into the Google Maps API in near real- time, giving members of the public instant insight into theft, burglary, auto theft, assault and other crime incident locations
    • Visualizing crime data in near real-time in the familiar Google Maps interface enables law enforcement agencies to analyze incident patterns to plan resource deployment more effectively image works with thousands of law-enforcement agencies to help reduce, prevent and solve crime by enabling officials to easily open and manage a controlled dialog with citizens through an online family of crime-fighting tools.

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  • The fact that the vast majority of our customers are already familiar with Google Maps has really helped spur interest in the feature and the site and the feedback we have received has been really positive.

    Why Google

    To improve engagement with customers and create a public purchasing trends visualization application.


    • Enhanced visitor experience through social shopping discovery
    • Increased customer engagement and drove new visitors to the site
    • Attracted fashion media buzz image has established itself as the world's premier online luxury fashion retailer, offering express worldwide shipping to 170 countries.

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  • I found Google Earth Pro to be a superior GIS visualization tool because it is very easy to aggregate and overlay different layers of data.

    Why Google

    To lay out a nationwide air to ground broadband network, overlay data to improve accuracy, and continuously monitor aircraft and network performance in real-time.


    • Improved network design time threefold
    • Enhanced accuracy and engineering productivity
    • Brought nationwide service to market within two years
    • Met customer SLAs
    Gogo and Aircell image

    Gogo offers Gogo Inflight Internet, a service to provide inflight connectivity across a dedicated spectrum that was built in only 2 years using Google Earth Pro tools.

    Read the full case study
  • Google’s solution was the only service worth considering that met our requirements for good reach, an optimal API and future added value.

    Why Google

    To introduce an innovative, map-based taxi ordering service.


    • Innovative map-based taxi ordering service for both mobile and stationary devices
    • Revolutionized the German taxi market
    • Gained access to live tracking and management data
    MyTaxi image

    Intelligent Apps provides an innovative online taxi booking system called myTaxi that provides instant taxi ordering services and real-time status updates for passengers, drivers and management.

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  • We had a 35 percent increase in conversion rates for our United Kingdom and Denmark sites immediately after launching Google Maps.

    Why Google

    To launch a more robust mapping solution with greater key functionality and to find and incorporate a more attractive mapping solution for their business.


    • Realized increased conversion rates of 35% in key countries
    • Visitors to IHG sites are 10 percent more likely to book a stay if they click on a marker than those who do not
    InterContinental Hotels Group image

    InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the world’s largest hotel group by number of rooms, has been welcoming international travelers for more than 60 years.

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  • It was easy to integrate into the business, not only from a technical point of view, but also from a human-resources point of view. Employees were already familiar with Google’s technology and it is very intuitive to use.

    Why Google

    To improve efficiency of deliveries by giving dispatchers better visibility of couriers’ locations.


    • Enhanced customer service
    • Increased staff motivation
    • Improved efficiency
    DHL Same Day image

    DHL, part of the world’s leading logistics group Deutsche Post DHL, provides international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics, and international mail services.

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  • Google Maps enabled us to deliver a solution that the average consumer can use right away, without difficulty.

    Why Google

    To build mobile GPS solutions that offered simple user interfaces to track devices and people.


    • Built a profitable subscription model using Google’s affordable mapping tools
    • Created a 24/7 monitoring portal to track GTX-enabled devices
    • Made GTX’s Personal Location Services highly accessible and recognizable to it's partners and their consumers
    GTX Corp image

    With GTX Corp's Personal Location Services, people can go online and, via an intuitive interface, track the exact location of loved ones, or even their high-value assets.

    Read the full case study

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